The Uncharted

The Uncharted, 2012

Archival pigment prints, vintage frames, bedsheet, clothespins, video

The Uncharted series is my first foray into making work that is both extremely personal to me and auto-biographical. The piece contains a combination of nude self portraiture with my current male and female partners and lovers as well as documentary video footage of our polyamorous triad relationship. The series focuses on the themes of  the public display of private relationships, the portrayal of non-heteronormative sexuality, and my investigations into representing non-nuclear family structures. This work not only employs a literal embodiment of the artist and subjects in the imagery, but an empathetic and vulnerable look into the artist's private life.

When displayed in the gallery The Uncharted series incorporates six large white framed images that speak to more classic portrayals of the nude in photography. Flanked by two of these larger frames are a collection of smaller images that are less formal in content, and more graphic in depicting sexuality. These small images are set in vintage frames to elude to the delicate nature of the relationship, as well as hinting to an intimacy that goes beyond sex. On an adjacent wall the video, projected on a bed sheet hanging from clothes pins, works to paint a more realistic portrait of how a multiple-person relationship functions outside the bedroom.

Nude photography, and self-portraits of the artist in particular in The Uncharted series, allows the subjects photographed to be more vulnerable. The intent is pure honesty (my own body, sexuality, and relationship are true portrayals) and an appeal for empathy from the audience. In viewing these initially private intimate moments I hope to incite discourse about what kind of relationships are valid in the eyes of the public, the nature of human sexuality, and how we view non-nuclear families in our society.